This site is often under construction as it is used to expand my skills by exploring ideas and techniques for .NET, combining ASP.NET, Silverlight applications, web services, and a VB/C# desktop client to access selfsame web services.

Updates and Announcements


NuGet Publications

I recently published several NuGet libraries, partially for the experience, since using NuGet for sharing code within an organization seems an easy and worthwhile solution.


Waiting for Deployment

I read an article this morning about the #NoEstimates movement, Estimates? We Don’t Need No Stinking Estimates!, which reminded of an author I have always liked, Samuel Becket. He has a very dark sense of humor, technically absurdist, and his characters’ statement are not literal. Anyway, it made me think of this, borrowing from Beckett:
Ever estimated. Ever failed. No matter. Estimate again. Fail again. Fail better.


Interesting new links

Some useful new links for mobile development from Google, and for WPF from Christian Moser: