This site is often under construction as it is used to expand my skills by exploring ideas and techniques for .NET, combining ASP.NET, Silverlight applications, web services, and a VB/C# desktop client to access selfsame web services.

Updates and Announcements


Workbook Close Event Capture

For anyone that has had to capture the WorkbookBeforeClose event and struggled with the imperfectness of the process, this is C# code that fires only if the workbook is completely closed.

Kudos to the developer; Wordpress entry is here.


Development Speed in VBA

Lately, I have been asked why something cannot be done faster:
  • Real estimates for delivering quality code are surprisingly longer because developers can be people pleasers or overly optimistic. They often underestimate the amount of work required, as well as not being able to foresee bugs and data issues.
  • Developers differ in speed, and it would be unrealistic to expect all developers to code at the same speed as the best developers.
  • There is no TDD for VBA. Developers test and validate results, which in a VBA environment can be time-consuming.
  • Development is more than just being code monkeys. Solutions have to be complete, work within the current system, and be supportable by others.
  • When code is new, some experimentation is required to make it complete.
As far how to make the process faster:
  • Speed improvements are usually developed over time by creating and reusing functions, classes, patterns, and libraries, as well as using third party tools
  • Additional speed improvements can be had by managing projects and self-managing better, i.e., avoiding multi-tasking, better planning, collecting requirements.